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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Long Drawn Farewell

(Jewels and A on one of our road trips! Jewels loves to drive)

GRRR!! I didn't really get into the details/specifics of my frustrations last night in my post. Well that would be because A didn't leave the states until this evening. Therefore, I couldn't explain what was going on until he was actually gone. Yes, that's right. I said goodbye to him yesterday morning at 10:15 AM and he didn't actually fly out of the US until about 7 PM today.

AHH Makes me so angry. Oh and he was supposed to leave yesterday at 6 AM. His flights got all kinds of messed up. We had gotten a phone call from Delta the night before his flights to let him know that one of the legs of his flight was canceled. Therefore he had new flights for getting into Atlanta. He was supposed to fly out at 9:30 AM. We got to the airport and the flight was delayed until 10:15 (ish). Now, of course it was wonderful getting to sit with him for a little longer, but it felt like it was just more painful. I kept building myself up for it being 6, then it was 9:30, and then it was later than that.

Once he finally flew out, the second leg of his flight was also delayed about 45 minutes or so. Therefore, he got into Atlanta late and missed his flight out of the states by 15-20 minutes. So he ended up being put up in a hotel and then he flew out tonight. Of course I was glad that he was in the states and out of a war zone for an extra day. However, I absolutely HATED the fact that he was in the states and I wasn't with him. It's just frustrating. But I did get to wake up this morning to a phone call from him. And that was amazing! So there's my frustrations right now. And I just can't believe that he is now on his way back to Iraq. I know that I'll get through it but it REALLY sucks!


  1. I'm so glad that you woke up with a phone call from him :)

  2. I feel your pain!! Last year when my boyfriend came home on R&R, he also flew into Atlanta and was going to fly Delta into Birmingham. But of course the ONE time Alabama gets snow, its when he is coming home. So he ended up being stranded in Atlanta for two nights. I couldn't drive to get him because the roads were so bad. Luckily, he convinced the Army to not count those days as part of his R&R. The best part is when I met up with him and we went to get his luggage. We kept standing there watching everyone get their luggage and eventually it stopped rotating and we NEVER saw his bags! It turns out Delta left most of everyone's luggage on that flight back in Atlanta!! Yep, can you believe that? We had to go stand in line forever and fill out a report. They shipped his bags to my Mom's the next day. We had to go buy him a new set of clothes and more shower stuff to get through the night. He wasn't a happy Soldier. haha