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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pet Peeves ~ Do You Have Any?

Disclaimer: This is not aimed towards anybody at all. I had actually been thinking about my pet peeves at the beginning of the week and will explain once you hear the story. So please don't be upset or think I'm upset with you or anybody else because I'm not! :-)

Pet Peeve #1: When somebody says that they are going to call and don't. And by this I mean, you end up seeing them a few days later and you haven't spoken to them in a while. They have no clue that they had planned on calling and never did. GRRR...just makes me mad. Don't act all innocent! HAHA

Pet Peeve #2: (This was the kicker on Monday which caused me to start thinking about my pet peeves!) When people don't know how to drive or do stupid things while driving. On Monday, I was crossing a one way street (with the Walk Sign). Traffic on the other road (2 directions) had a green light. Well a car was turning LEFT onto the one way road and just sat in the middle of traffic so other cars could not go from the other direction. Because, there were a bunch of people walking across the road. I seriously thought this person was going to just hit us all and not even care. (I wish that I could draw you a picture so it would make more sense but hopefully you understand what I'm saying!)

Anyway...I've got a few other things that urk me but those are the main things. So, what are your pet peeves? Anything that REALLY bugs you?!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

License Plates

I don't know about any of you, but I always find it interesting to find out/figure out what people's license plates mean. You know - the personalized ones. It is just so crazy to try to sound out what it could be or whatever. So, I just thought I'd post a few that I know what they are or have been looking at and trying to figure out.

Take a Look/Guess:









Some of these are pretty obvious, but not all. So, what do you think when you see them? Have you seen any other good license plates or know of friends who have one ~ If so, what are they? Please share. I'd love to see what neat things are out there and also what you think these mean!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Notre Dame

Yay for a great weekend! Went to visit my brother for the weekend and had a fabulous time.

I flew in on Friday afternoon. A huge group of us went out and had a wonderful dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse! I don't think I've ever had a meal like that before...great food, wine, and company. After dinner, we all went out to one of the bars in town (within walking distance of my brother's place...which is always convenient!). It was a fun night of just hanging out.
(Picture taken Friday night between dinner and going out!)

Then Saturday was the Spring Game for Notre Dame (Blue vs. Gold). My brother's in the MBA program there so we went to the MBA tailgate before the game which was fabulous just like the one in the fall. It's always an entertaining time with this group. It was pretty crumby weather but that didn't stop anybody from having fun! We went to the game and then back to the tailgate...HAHA ~ Some people never even went to the game and just tailgated ALL day long. Then we went to another one of the bars, went "home" and ordered pizza for dinner, took naps, and then continued with the night. A nap in the early night is KEY on a day like this...otherwise you don't make it through the night. TOO much fun, but that's ok. It's needed every once in a while.

Sunday was full of school work and exhaustion! Then I flew back home this morning, picked up my puppy from my parents', and then had class. Now it's going to be time to crash! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend too :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Awards and Giveaways

Yay for receiving awards! They make me smile :-)

I received this award from Whitney over at Everything Happens for a Reason
Thanks Whitney! I love this's SOOO pretty.

The rules for this award are: List ten things that I love, and Pass it on to ten other bloggers!

10 Things I Love:

- I LOVE A - He is wonderful and amazing. I love everything about him and how we've been able to get past the last 4 months together, even though we've been apart!

- I LOVE my family. They mean the world to me.

- I LOVE to bake. I could stay in the kitchen all day long baking - and have actually done this before!

- I LOVE summer. It makes me look forward to going to the beach.

- I LOVE flip flops! I wear flip flops basically year round. I don't really care how cold it is outside...I will still wear them.

- I LOVE working with children. It has always been a passion of mine and I did this for the past two years, and am now back in school to continue working with children.

- I LOVE my puppy (Even if she does drive me CRAZY!). If not for her, I'm not sure how'd I get through this year without A. It's great having her to snuggle with when I'm down, etc.

- I LOVE new clothes. I don't really have the money to go shopping these days, but I just love new clothes. They make me happy.

- I LOVE my friends. I am so blessed to have such a great support system from them and my family.

- I LOVE school work (ok...not really!!) ... but I couldn't think of a 10th thing :-)

10 People I'd Like to Pass this to:
-Lisa at Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right
- Life of An Army Wife at The "D" Word
- Shayla at Sunshine and Sprinkles
- Star Spangled at Star Spangled Stockings
- JG at Me and My SoldierMan
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- Meg at Harrison Clark

There's a pretty awesome giveaway over at The Unexpected Army Life. Go check it out! I just started following her blog but it seems pretty great. And this giveaway is great. There are multiple chances to win.

- The Grand Prize winner will receive a $50 VISA giftcard and a copy of The Oceans Between Us by Susan Wiggs.

- Then two more people will receive copies of The Oceans Between Us

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Army Wives

I've been having mixed feelings/thoughts about the new season of Army Wives. I have been addicted to the show ever since it began. I am just not sure right now if I'm going to be able to handle watching it while A is gone. It might be too difficult for me, but we'll have to see. I know many of you watch the show, so hopefully you watched last week. It is just that when they showed Joan calling home, I pretty much started to ball. I don't mean just cry. This show makes me cry at some point during almost every episode so I'm used to getting teary while watching. However, it was very different this time. There was more emotion behind it. I guess I will have to see how it goes tomorrow.

How have ya'll dealt with it while your significant other was deployed? Were you able to watch things like this or was it too much?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Love Surprises!

...especially when they are from A!!!

Yesterday was a crazy, pretty stressful day at work. I got home at about 4, when I was supposed to be off work at 1. :-(

I got home and was just hanging out, relaxing with the pup, and there's a knock on the door. Hmmm...who could it be? I looked out the peep hole and didn't see anybody. So, I looked out the window and saw the UPS truck pulling away. A package?? For me or the roomie?!

Well...obviously, since you are reading my blog you would guess that it was for me, and you'd be right! I got flowers from A. And as the card said "Just because..." And then there was a list of reasons. It was super cute. My favorite reason would have to be at the end when he said "You're kinda a big deal". HAHA!!! I'm glad he realizes it at least. (The card was so cute...well what he wrote in it...that the roomie said she wanted to vomit when she read it!)
He's so wonderful! My favorite colors. :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Want it Wednesday

I want the semester to be over! (only 4 weeks left - but a lot of assignments left)

I want it to be the beginning of June so that A is home for his R & R!

I want to know what we are actually going to do while he's home!

I think that's about it for now! Other than the immediate thing of a glass of wine and then bed! :-)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Good News!

My roomie and I received the home of the month award at our apartment complex. This is the first month that they awarded this. It is for having the prettiest, most appealing front porch area! :-) And they posted this sign right in front of our apartment yesterday so that everybody could see :

Some more good news...The Captain Promotions List was posted today and A is on it! YIPPY!! I am so proud of him. :-) ---

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Happy Easter to all! I hope you have all had a fabulous day and that the Easter bunny has treated all of you and your children well. However, let us not forget the true meaning behind Easter. It is thanks to Him that we are all here today!

Now, on a more personal note...I am not really sure how to feel/think right now. I spoke to A for a little while this afternoon. It was amazing to hear his voice. :-) However, he commented that he had turned his papers in to go to"X" (the place where his career course would occur). He had been saying for a while that he truly was thinking he would want to get out at the end of his time, which was May 2011. I always told him that whichever thing he chose I was alright with and would support him 100%. (I want to say that this has not changed...I still support him 100%!!). I was just thrown for a loop. I stated "So, you have decided to stay in" and he said that no there were other things that on his contract it is stating his end date is now sometime in 2015. I guess he at some point signed saying that he give extra time in return for something. But what did he get in return? I dunno...I'm confused.

Fortunately, I JUST spoke with my brother about it (he served in the Army for 6 yrs.) and he gave me some suggestions on what A should do to find out more about it. I guess we'll see. I am more than happy to continue supporting his endeavors in the Army and become a part of the Army family at some point. I just wish that I understood more of what was going on. Hopefully I'll figure it out and either way it will all work out. I just don't like having curveballs thrown at me! :-\