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Friday, January 7, 2011

In the Beginning...

of leave that is! We are still on leave, but I finally have a chance to do a little blogging. So, I figured that I would start with the beginning of leave and fill you all in on what's been going on. Well, A got home in the first week of December. I was able to spend almost a week with him before I had to go back to VA to finish finals. After finals, I went back to GA to spend 5 days there before his leave began. Well, we were traveling to VA to celebrate Christmas with my family and then getting on the road the next day to NY to get to A's parents' before the holidays were here. Our last night in GA, we were having some friends over for dinner. We only had one car (his car was in NY during the deployment) so he had taken my car to work and then came to get me to do grocery shopping. He was only working half days so it was not a big deal. But by the time I get back to the apartment I really needed to finish cleaning up and starting things for dinner. A decided that he wanted to clean out the car some before being in it for 2 straight days. I totally understood, but there was no way that I could help with that. He had no problem with that and off he went to change the oil and vacuum the car. Much to my surprise...when he came home, he had cleaned out the whole thing, got a steering wheel cover, seat covers for the front seats, and put air freshners in. Isn't he something?! :-) A little early Christmas present. As he said, he knows that I do not really have time to clean it out with school and stuff, so he was happy to do it for me when he had the chance. He's so great! Well here are some pictures of the new stuff...
(New seat covers...getting covered with dog fur already. HEHE)

(New Steering Wheel Cover and Air freshner in the air vent!)

Thanks A for being so wonderful!

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  1. Awww... how sweet! What a great present! I wish P would do that for me, but my car is such a wreck that he wouldn't want to.