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Friday, January 29, 2010

Frustrated Friday (or as A might say to annoy me, Fustrated)

I had written a blog last night, and really actually liked it. I went to "publish" my post and my computer would not let me. It logged out of Blogspot and every time I tried to go to the website to log back in it would say "Bad Request". So, my computer finally let me back on tonight. I'm not really sure what to write about tonight, other than for the fact that I am frustrated with my computer. I guess I will just write what I had written about last night, even if it is not a "current" thing, which you will understand once you read on.

Post Title: Thirsty Thursday

Or at least that is what we used to call them in undergrad. Yes, that is right I was a sorority girl (and still proud to be one) who used to go out if there was something to do even if it was a Thursday, or even for that matter a Monday or Tuesday. Tonight after class, I went out with a few of the girls from class for dinner, which included margaritas of course. After dinner and the end of the second evening class, we met up with some of the other girls in the program. All in all, it was a great night. Had a good time just hanging out with some of the girls. The other day I commented on another blog about having a group of girl-friends. I guess that is kind of what this was. However, it is not like we do this ALL the time. Although, we are hoping to make it happen more often this semester.

On a those of you with dogs: My dog just went to the bathroom on the living room floor (not really...because I am NOW writing this the next day). I took her outside about 15 minutes ago, she did her thing, and she came back inside on her own. So I was just sitting here writing my blog and next thing I know I see her just going to the bathroom. She just stood there looking at me as if...I really don't know what she could have been thinking. I mean REALLY?!?! I just took you outside and it's not like you were whining by the door and I just ignored you. There was absolutely no sign whatsoever that you were going to do that.'s all cleaned up now. But does anybody know why dogs, or any pets for that matter, do stuff like this. It just doesn't make any sense.

Now that I have gone on a complete tangent about something that NONE of you probably want to hear about, I think that's basically it for the night. I love you A! I am so proud of everything that you are doing and miss you like crazy. But I am staying strong. And now I am just looking forward to this crazy snow that we are supposed to be getting late tonight. I wonder if we actually will get much, but I definitely wish that A was here with me so that we could get snowed in together. But I guess I'll write more about the snow tomorrow if we actually get any. Good night for now!

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  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Your blog is soo cute**

    Your lucky you get sooo much snow there!
    I wanna throw a fit and maybe I'll get some! LOL!!

    I'm sorry your away from your beloved.
    I understand**
    First deployment?