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Monday, January 25, 2010

Grad School-Semester 2

I am currently working on my masters in school counseling. Classes started for this semester last week on Tuesday. So, today was my last first class for the semester. It's nice now to be able to see what the next 4 months are looking like for school. None of my classes seem like they will be too difficult, lots of work, but it's definitely going to be manageable. I'm looking forward to getting this semester started so that it can then be finished and I can see A for his R & R.

The weather was absolutely amazing this afternoon but now it's rainy and gross outside. Apparently we are supposed to be getting some snow this weekend. I really wish that A was here. I would love to just cuddle up with him on a snowy day and also go outside and play in it with him. But for now, I guess I have my puppy, Jewels, my roomie and her dog. I just feel so fortunate that I have such a great roommate. She has been there for me through a rough patch in mine and A's relationship and now she is here for me while we journey throug this deployment. Above is a photo of my puppy (absolutely terrified) when we go our first snow of the year in December.

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