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Saturday, October 16, 2010


First of sorry it's been a while since I last posted. I feel like my life consists of work, school, some more work, school, work again, do school work, and maybe get some sleep and relaxation in there at some point. To catch up real quick since my last post...I had a fabulous time in GA with Expat Girl last weekend. It was wonderful getting to spend some time with her in her fabulous new house. She has really done a wonderful job putting it together. I'm proud of her for all that she has accomplished on her own while Mr Soldier is gone. It was also nice getting to see Maddie again since it had been a couple months since I last saw her and boy is she growing up.

But so onto today's topic...DECISIONS! The main reason that I planned the trip to GA was to try to look into some places to live for when A gets back (mainly for him but for me to go visit and then possible live once I graduate in May!). So it will be "our" first least as far as deciding where to live and I'll get to decorate! YIPPY! We are debating on a few things and seem to be coming to conclusions but I'm really not sure. We are thinking about whether or not to get a place in the city which is about 45 minutes from post or in the suburb which is only about 30 minutes from post. Living downtown would be fabulous with all of the things to do but it's a longer drive to work for A, a little more expensive, and I'm not really going to be there much until the summer (and then he PCS's in August/September) so he'll be traveling to VA a lot on weekends. Also, he has thought about getting a place with some of the other guys so that it's cheaper. The guys he has talked to about this also have girlfriends who live out of the state so they also would be traveling a lot on weekends.

So...downtown or suburb?!?! And roommates or own place?!?!


  1. When K got back in April, we stayed with his friend for 3 1/2 months. Actually, it was his Captain, but whatever.

    It worked out REALLY well for us because we all got along well, and we had a lot of fun having people over for the weekends, etc. (His friend's gf used to come in every other weekend).

    It saved us all a lot of money, and we made some good friends =)

  2. roommates in the suburbs...make sacrifices now so you don't have to later! Put the extra dollars into a potential wedding fund...

  3. Roomies in the suburbs. You wouldnt get to enjoy the city together much so why pay the rent and lose the living space? And thank youuuuuuu for being so cute, miss you!

  4. I would do whatever is going to allow you to save the most money for the future. It will all work out I'm sure.

  5. the drive to post sucks bad, and if the unit is still being all crazy after they get home, he'll be driving in a lot. I say let him live with roomies, saves money, can find a nice place, with not too bad of a drive .. and he can get a shorter lease, if he doesn't like it!

  6. I would do roommates and suburbs to save as much money as possible for when you finally decide to live on your own. =)