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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A New Month!

Welcome October!!!

I can't believe that another month has come and gone and here we are in October now. This just means that the end is even MORE in sight. September I posted an entire 6 times due to the fact that my life is being run completely by school (and a little work!). My goal for this month is to post at least double that...I just miss you all so much!

Additional goals for this month:
-Continue doing well in my classes
-Go to GA to look at possible homes for A and I (even though I won't be there until May ~ BUMMER!)
-Save (a little) money
-Have fun with my girlfriends
-Let A know that I love him as often as possible! :-)
-Send 2 packages to A
-Spend time with my mom
-Eat healthier
-Work out AT LEAST 4 times a week
-Loose 5 lbs (Hopefully more...but I want to be realistic!)

Well...wish me luck! The new month starts now (well...really 10 minutes ago!)


  1. Good luck girl! Glad to see your a lot like me and making goals/lists of things to help keep ya busy and make the time go by faster :)
    I'm only 2 weeks down in my deployment! ahhh! ;)

  2. Yes, I will see you this month Expat Girl! YIPPY! Be there in less than a week. :-)

  3. Good luck on everything!

  4. all packages have to be sent by oct 15th to ensure its there on time :) we're getting closer!!