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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


...that's exactly what keeps happening with A's return information. A few weeks ago, we were given one date for his return. I had been slightly stressed because of the timing in comparison to my final exams, etc. but had gotten passed this issue after talking to my professors and working it all out. So I was getting really excited as this date was approaching and getting closer and closer.

There is a website where the homecoming ceremony information is posted and I kept waiting to see his flights ceremony information. Well, I was excited yesterday to see this information, but it was listed as being a few days later than I had thought. Ok, not what I was expecting, but this might be better...after all, then I can go to my classes and be in GA when he gets in and not miss as much school. So I was annoyed it was a few days late, but was trying to look at the bright side of things., we are being told that the information that was posted on the website is wrong and that you should go with the information being told to you by your soldier. WHAT?!?! Maybe if they could just get this stuff straight...of course, I know that the date can change ANY time, so I'm dealing with it as it comes and I need to not get comfortable with any sort of "definite" information, but it's getting frustrating! AHHH. Thanks for letting me vent. Regardless, it's just around the corner and I can't wait to be wrapped in his arms again :-)


  1. Hurry up and wait! ;)

    Good ole army.

  2. dont-cha love it?! Geez! Hope it all works out for YOU!

  3. Lovely huh? My hubby's date changed about 157 times. Okay maybe like 4.

  4. awww I hate all of the changes too...but you're sooo close! That's so exciting! Hope it all works out for you, I know you will be so thrilled when he is finally home!!!

  5. Yeah, you're too close to be angry about it, but hey, that is definitely the way the military is. I actually wrote a piece a few days ago about it. You should definitely check it out.