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Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Happy 30th Birthday Michael!!

I am headed up to NYC right now on a bus from DC to meet up with my brother for his bday weekend (and more importantly...Notre Dame vs. Army football!)
I'm looking forward to a fabulous weekend with my brother and some of his friends. I have not spent his birthday with him in probably 10 years if not more so this is great.
Pictures of the great weekend to come...but for now, here's a pic of us at his graduation in May:
Oh...and Happy Birthday to my puppy, Jewels, who turns 3 today! dog and my brother really do have the same bday. When I saw her and then saw her bday, I knew that I would just have to have her. :-)


  1. AWWW yayyyy have the most incredible weekend and hopefully I will be seeing you soon missy!

  2. Just love that picture (and the two of you )
    Have a fantastic weekend; wish we could have joined you !!!

  3. Oh...and don't worry...I gave the birthday girl (ie, dog) a hug from you today. And, of course a new toy and a treat for her and her buddy. It wouldn't be a proper birthday without one!