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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God Really Does Answer Prayers!

I do not tend to get super religious on my blog. However, I am a practicing Catholic and felt the need to thank Him today.

My uncle was diagnosed with leukemia over the summer. He has undergone multiple sessions of chemo over the past few months and fortunately was able to make it to my cousin's (his son's) wedding a couple weeks ago. However, at that point he was seeming very weak and was looking down the not-so-fun road of more chemo. We were told that if a blood marrow donor was not found that he would have to undergo at least 3 more sessions of chemo. His sister has cancer and therefore cannot be a donor and his brother was not a match. Therefore, we had to pray that there was somebody out there who was a match and willing to donate. We, as a family, said many prayers and continued to ask others for prayers. Well...on Sunday night my dad talked to my uncle and found out that a donor has been found and that he will be getting the bone marrow transplant sometime after Christmas! Now let's pray that the transplant goes well and that his body accepts it.

Thank you God for answering our prayers!


  1. What a fantastic way to be able to celebrate the holidays. I'm glad they found a donor for him. Because of a friend that passed away from Leukemia 6 years ago I'm running a marathon in the spring to raise money for the cause and I've been in the bone marrow donor bank for years. I thrilled for you and your family.

  2. And PS: You have awards!

  3. That's so amazing. I'm actually registering to donate really soon so I hope I can help someone like your uncle one day!