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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Happy Easter to all! I hope you have all had a fabulous day and that the Easter bunny has treated all of you and your children well. However, let us not forget the true meaning behind Easter. It is thanks to Him that we are all here today!

Now, on a more personal note...I am not really sure how to feel/think right now. I spoke to A for a little while this afternoon. It was amazing to hear his voice. :-) However, he commented that he had turned his papers in to go to"X" (the place where his career course would occur). He had been saying for a while that he truly was thinking he would want to get out at the end of his time, which was May 2011. I always told him that whichever thing he chose I was alright with and would support him 100%. (I want to say that this has not changed...I still support him 100%!!). I was just thrown for a loop. I stated "So, you have decided to stay in" and he said that no there were other things that on his contract it is stating his end date is now sometime in 2015. I guess he at some point signed saying that he give extra time in return for something. But what did he get in return? I dunno...I'm confused.

Fortunately, I JUST spoke with my brother about it (he served in the Army for 6 yrs.) and he gave me some suggestions on what A should do to find out more about it. I guess we'll see. I am more than happy to continue supporting his endeavors in the Army and become a part of the Army family at some point. I just wish that I understood more of what was going on. Hopefully I'll figure it out and either way it will all work out. I just don't like having curveballs thrown at me! :-\


  1. Just think, you'll get to go to the land of your brother's birth! Such wonderful memories! (Yes, they really are good ones, even if we do joke about our time there.)
    Love you lots!

  2. I'm sure everything will work out.

    I was thrown with a curveball with my guy. His deployment date might be moved up a lot sooner. Instead of the year we thought, it might be one year earlier. I was shocked, but I guess it is better to know. It's the army, so they might/or will change the date once again.

  3. It'll all work out for the best, no matter what happens! I have had talks with P that have surprised me as well. He always talks about it being his career, and then when he retires, going to law school. Recently he said something about maybe getting out earlier and going to law school. Who knows what he'll decide, but like you, I'll support him 100% either way!

  4. Ohhhh army thanks for confusing us all and throwing curveballs at us continuously...we love it....really.....