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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pet Peeves ~ Do You Have Any?

Disclaimer: This is not aimed towards anybody at all. I had actually been thinking about my pet peeves at the beginning of the week and will explain once you hear the story. So please don't be upset or think I'm upset with you or anybody else because I'm not! :-)

Pet Peeve #1: When somebody says that they are going to call and don't. And by this I mean, you end up seeing them a few days later and you haven't spoken to them in a while. They have no clue that they had planned on calling and never did. GRRR...just makes me mad. Don't act all innocent! HAHA

Pet Peeve #2: (This was the kicker on Monday which caused me to start thinking about my pet peeves!) When people don't know how to drive or do stupid things while driving. On Monday, I was crossing a one way street (with the Walk Sign). Traffic on the other road (2 directions) had a green light. Well a car was turning LEFT onto the one way road and just sat in the middle of traffic so other cars could not go from the other direction. Because, there were a bunch of people walking across the road. I seriously thought this person was going to just hit us all and not even care. (I wish that I could draw you a picture so it would make more sense but hopefully you understand what I'm saying!)

Anyway...I've got a few other things that urk me but those are the main things. So, what are your pet peeves? Anything that REALLY bugs you?!


  1. Ahhh Im sorry I didnt call you haha thank god for your disclaimer otherwise I would be a worried girl right now! Hope youre good chica, I am done with these antibiotics on Tuesday that are making me sick so I will be functioning from then on! xoxo

  2. People who say stupid things and don't even realize it.

    Case in point: a "friend" who told me that husband's deployment would be "so good for our relationship" because she and her boyfriend did it (umm...they lived 4 hours away by choice) and they got to talk all the time, just like husband and I would get to do!


  3. It really bothers me when someone is obviously lying and still trying to cover it up... GRRR

  4. Both of those are two of my major pet peeves. Or when people say sarcastic things/act like they are better than everyone.

    I was talking to my friend about something, and this girl listening made a snide remark/question. I wasn't even talking to her.

  5. The thing that bothers me more than anything is a person's eating habits. Like if they talk with their mouth full of food or smack their lips.