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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7 Months Down!

I can't believe it. It has been 7 months since A left for deployment. Since then so much has happened. I can't believe that we have really passed the half way point now. Now that it's an extra month it truly feels like we are getting to that downhill slope to his coming home. And no, it hasn't really gotten any easier...but I feel like I can actually start thinking about looking at places in GA for him. And get excited about the idea of getting his stuff settled into his new place before he gets back. With school this fall semester sneaky up quickly, I am going to be super busy. This will be great because hopefully time will fly by.

And not only has it been 7 months since deployment began, it's been (just under) a month since he left after R&R. That was of course a very bitter sweet time to spend together as well as farewell afterward. It was very bitter because I didn't want to see him EVER leave again. However, it was nice to know we were at/past the halfway point already. We are going strong and can make it throgh anything. I just can't wait to continue our lives once he gets back. But I do think that we have both been able to grow a lot through this experience!


  1. YAY for having 7 months completed :)

  2. How awesome!!! I'm super happy for you! Way to stay strong and carry on! More then half way there, you can do this!!!! =)

  3. Hoping the downhill slide goes by quickly. Good luck house hunting!

  4. Yay, after going through 3 previous deployments with my husband, the second half always seems faster!


  5. Yay for 7 months down!!! You can do it! =)