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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As of today...I stand corrected. In a blog last week, I stated that I was "excited about getting his stuff settled into his new place". A has made sure that I realize the apartment in GA will be "our apartment" not "his". He sent me an email earlier and said that he had been catching up on my blog (which I didn't even realize he actually was doing!~Which also makes me happy!). He said while reading he saw that and that "He would like to think that you are not just moving me into my apartment but our apartment". Later tonight I was also able to talk to him on the phone and he stated the same thing. However, further into our conversation he said that he just wants me to move my stuff in so that he can have my dishes and apartment stuff that I have, which he doesn't. HAHA!!! He's such a goof...but it made me laugh so that's ok. Fortunately, I don't take everything he says seriously. I'm getting so excited now and can't wait to find a place in GA and for him to get back. Granted, I'll still be in VA finishing up school, but at least I'll be able to call him whenever I want and I can spend more time with him. YIPPY!


  1. Haha! David and I joke, when we move in together, he is doing it because I have my own couch, loveseat, washer, and dryer. LOL!

  2. Sooo exciting!!! I love that he said it was "our" place and not his. =)