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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Reality

WOW! I was watching last night's episode of Army Wives earlier today and it felt like I was reliving last December. I had the emotions of the fights leading up to deployment, the realizing that fighting with each other doesn't make sense, the last dinner together, the long drawn out hugs, and the last kiss! I absolutely love watching this show (even if I do cry EVERY time I watch it!). I know that there is a lot of dramatization, but it is a TV show so that's understanding. However, even with the added factors, the storyline is so real. I seriously cried (not sobbed...just some good tears!) through the entire episode. But it was kind of cleansing for me. So I hope that all you Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and Air Force wives/fiances/girlfriends have a wonderful day and that you keep your head up high and just're not alone! You are NEVER alone! You might feel like NObody understands...but there is somebody out there who knows exactly how you are feeling. Stay strong!


  1. It totally hit home for me in more ways then one. I cried my eyes out. I think I'm going to blog about it.

  2. I thought that episode was really well done.

  3. I always tear up or cry in just about every episode! I absolutely love that show!

  4. I felt the EXACT say way! PS I'm in VA too and waiting for my Airman to come home :)