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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Car Issues ~ Oh How I HATE Them

Boy has it been a rough day when it comes to car problems. I was at work today. I went to leave at about 3 and had to be back at 4:30. I figured that I would go home real quick, let the pups out for a little while, and relax before heading back to work. Well...needless to say, that didn't happen. When I got to my car at work, I unlocked the doors and rolled down the windows with my key remote (great feature in the Honda Accord!). It's been hot so I was thankful that I was able to roll them down to let some of the heat out before getting right in. I threw my stuff in the car, stuck my key in the ignition, turned it, and ... NOTHING!!! WHAT?! So now, my windows are wide open, the sky is grey looking like it's going to rain any minute, and my car won't start. I don't think so! So I went inside and asked one of the guys to come look at it with me and see what he thought. He said it was probably the battery and that he would call Mall Security (the gym I work at is right outside the mall) to have them jump it for me. Fantastic! No big deal...just a jump and I'll be on my way. The security guard arrives, jumps my car, and the engine starts. now I quickly roll up the windows just in case and am on my way. I get out of the gym parking lot, out of the mall lot and onto a major 3 lane in each direction road. As I'm turning onto it my car cuts off and restarts. Ut oh!! I kept driving and realized that the Malfunction Indicator Lamp was now on. Just what I need...right? HA! So I turn at the next light to get off of this road and onto a slightly less major road. It cuts off and restarts again. At that point I decided I need to just get off the road and call for help. Oh wait...but that's right, I had left my cellphone at my apartment before going to work. Go figure! So I had to get somewhere that I could make a phone call. I continued a little further (mind you, I've only gone about a mile at this point and my car has cut off 2 times!). By the time I pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant which my family frequents, it cut off one more time. Fortunately I was able to make it into the parking lot and just turn off my car. And of course I tried to start it again to see if it would work, and NOPE! Nothing! It was completely dead at that point. My brother came to my rescue after I called for help. Thank God I have AAA so they came and towed my car to the Honda dealership and they will look at it tomorrow. I was only an hour late for getting back to work. HAHA! Needless to say...I hate car issues and they drive me crazy! But at least I was able to get to safety and get assistance. Hope the rest of you had a better day. I wish you good luck with your cars! :-)


  1. Yikes! I wonder if it was the alternator? I had one go out on me in rural Iowa while driving to college with my dad.

    I hope it gets fixed quickly--thank goodness for AAA! I'm glad you're ok too!!

  2. O0hhhh noooo, I hope you get it sorted soon! I took the old honda to firestone on broad yesterday to get a state inspection done so mr soldier can drive it when hes home and they helpfully pointed out that the license plates had expired grrrr!

  3. Oh how shitty! Hopefully they fix it quick and it's not too expensive.

  4. Oh my goodness! I understand the pain of car problems. I hope that whatever is wrong is a quick and cheap fix for you.

  5. I hate car troubles. They can never happen when you randomly have extra cash flow. They always hit at the worst time!