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Monday, July 12, 2010

Drive-In Movie

Alright ladies (and gentlemen if there are any!) ~ I completed a first for me last night.

Yes, I had NEVER been to a drive-in movie before. However, I went to one last night with my roommate. It was so much fun. There is this new drive-in place out in the country about 30 minutes from where I live. They have double features and it's VERY reasonably priced. We saw Marmaduke and Eclipse. And yeah, I know I saw Eclipse already...but I had been wanting to see it again, so why not do it when I can see another movie also, and the price is cheaper than one movie at a theater. Anyway, if you have not been to a drive-in before and have one nearby, I strongly recommend that you go. It's a blast!


  1. I love drive-in theaters. We have two in my area. Well, one is about 30-45 minutes in one direction and the other is 45 minutes in a different direction. I love how you can get two movies for the price of one. Plus, they have this diner type restaurant kiosk shack thingy, where you can order food and snacks. Sadly, I haven't been this summer :(

  2. Aw I have never been to one, I would love to go!