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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Week

I have completed my first week of classes for my LAST fall semester EVER of school! HAHA. I's a HUGE stretch of trying to get in a "last" but hey it is one! I have one class on Monday nights and two on Tuesday nights this semester. It shouldn't be too bad of a semester. Lots of work but it should be fun. One of my courses is practicum and I am really looking forward to finally getting to practice all that I have learned. I have been placed in a local middle school (6th-8th grade) for this experience. I think that I will learn a lot from my site supervisor and all of the students at the school. I will be starting that on Tuesday, which is the public schools' first day of school. Should be an interesting day! :-)


  1. oh practicum yes that is REALLY fun and exciting.

    is this your last semester???

    oooo turning point

  2. I work at a middle school and believe me, every day will be an adventure with those kids. Enjoy it!