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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Want It Wednesday

I want to brag about my roommate and her talent! She and our other friend made 2 cakes this week. They are absolutely beautiful. Look...

This cake is for one of her classmate's boyfriends. He is a med student and it's his Bday! (Look at all that detailing...and yes, it is ALL edible!)

40 And Fabulous...This is for my roomie's boss' surprise party at work this week. It's so pretty.

And look how professional it looks with the box!


  1. Those cakes are so awesome. I was going to make my boyfriend a cake shaped like a tank, but it was really hard. Wish I could make cakes like that!

  2. I'm SO impressed by your roomie's skills! I wish I knew how to make cakes like that!