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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Relaxing, Productive, and Smiling Day!

I slept in today! (OOPS!) But hey...I deserve to get a good night's sleep every once in a while. Once I got up at about 11, I got some school work done for a few hours and relaxed for a little while working. It was great getting stuff done...and to make it better, I was in my PJ's the entire time! :-) Then I went to church (since I didn't get up in the mornng...and mommy joined me even though she went this morning) and then had dinner with my parents. To make the day complete, I got home after dinner and got to talk with A on Skype for about half an hour. Unfortunately, it was about 4 am there so he was exhausted and I felt bad keeping him up, but it was a great conversation. We hadn't really had a chance to talk at all this week with me being busy with school and he's been busy getting prepared for the elections. It sounds as if everything went as well as it could have been hoped. So that's good! Now that I've been able to see his face and hear his voice, I feel so much better. Therefore, it's time for me to get some sleep and have sweet, wonderful dreams! Good night all!


  1. That's so awesome that you got to talk a lot to your guy :)

  2. Sounds like a great day :)

  3. Good for you sweetie :)
    You deserve this sleeping in stuff!
    We all do it and very rewarding.
    Sounds like a great day!

  4. Yay for sleeping in! Everyone needs to do it once in awhile.