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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Please Tell Me This Is The End...and I Want It Wednesday

For the past 2 years, before starting school full time in the fall, I taught 1st grade. I absolutely loved my job and the people that I worked with. However, I wanted to get my master's and if I was going to do it, this was the time! Well...I just found out that the father of one of the other first grade teachers passed away this evening. This is the third person that I "know" who has passed away in the past week. Is it over now? I know it's important to see that people who have left us are in a better place now and to celebrate their life. However, I just can't do it all the time...especially when one of them was only 31 years old. I hate seeing people sad, and for that matter...being sad myself. So I guess that I will be heading to Newport News again this weekend to spend some time with my past coworkers and be there for my friend. I love you Susan, stay strong! Your father was a wonderful man but I am glad that he is now out of pain and spending time with our Savior!

Now...time to try to be happy! What do I want this week, you ask? Hmmm...I want to go to the movies with some friends. These are some of the movies which I would like to see:
I still really want to see this...but there's a part of me that isn't sure if I can take watching it right now! So we'll see what happens.
I just think this would be a good laugh. I mean really...The Tooth Fairy

I never got to see this when it first came out and really wanted to. It is apparently still in some theaters so I hope to either see it soon or rent/buy it once it comes out! I've only heard good things and it seems like a great story!


  1. ahhhh go to the blind side, I cant beleive u havent seen it, its amazingggggg : )

  2. Oh, I'm sorry! That's rough. They say death comes in threes, though, so hopefully this is it for a while.

    I want to see The Blindside, too.

  3. Stay strong sis! I know you are an amazing encourager to those who need it-it is one of your many strengths. But I also know being brave for so many others can drain you a little. I'm here for you anytime-Love you!
    P.S. Go see a funny, laugh out loud movie :)

  4. Listen to your sister!
    (And know I love you lots!!!)

  5. The only one of those three movies that I've seen was 'Dear John,' and I really didn't like it. You should go watch 'Shutter Island.' It's awesome!