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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Dentist = BAH-HUM-BUG!

I went to the dentist today for a teeth cleaning. I actually don't mind going to the dentist...and never have. After daddy was my dentist for the first few years of my life. :-), I can officially say...I hate the dentist! HAHAHA! Not literally...but I'm definitely not thrilled with the dentist right now. I have gone all X(insert old age here) years of my life with NO (yes...that's right ZERO, ZILCH, NONE!) cavities. Well folks, that has now changed. Yep, I walked out of the dentist today with an appointment to go back on Thursday to have 2, yep...not just 1, but 2!!! cavities filled. To put it mildly...I was not a happy camper this afternoon. But oh well, I guess it eventually happens to all of us. At least they now do fillings with white fillings so you can't really see it.
I will be sure to fill you all in on Thursday as to how it goes! :-(

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