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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Little Blue Box

AHHHH!!! That's what I got...a Little Blue Box. :-) And you all knew it! I can't believe that none of you loved me enough to tell me. HAHA. But I forgive you. Yes, I know you are all thinking..."Didn't she say she had to wait until Monday to open it?" Well, you are right. But I was able to convince A that I should get to open it today. I just made sure that I looked as pitiful as possible on Skype earlier. HEHE. And I made him laugh in the process too. As I joked to open it before he said I could, and had the box sitting on one side of me and a pair of scissors on the other. He was like "You a little anxious to open it already?!" Well yes of course I was. He finally gave me permission to open it and this is what I found...

A beautiful robin egg blue box with a pretty white bow!
And on the box it said...
And inside was a soft little pouch with a gorgeous ring inside.
A beautiful sterling silver ring with 4 round diamonds.

This all makes for a very happy me! I love you so much baby! You are the best and always seem to surprise me.


  1. Damn .. your mans got taste :) So pretty .. Happy Anniversary!

  2. That's beautiful! And how did you not guess from the TCO on the label? Better yet, how did you not google it?

  3. Well I thought MAYBE it was from there...but was thrown off by it being from NJ and not NY. And I guess I just have really good will power. HAHA. I REALLY wanted to google it but I resisted. I had to trust all of you and my friends that it was better to wait and be surprised. Which in all was worth it!

  4. i made a small post about your blog :) and gave you an award too ...

  5. Jealous! There really isn't a better present than something from Tiffany's!!

  6. Oh, snap. Your boy needs to talk to my boy, he clearly has FANTASTIC taste :D

  7. I second what Noel said! P used to tell me about how he'd get all these Tiffany catalogs in the mail. But I have yet to see the result of any of those catalogs.

    Nice work A!!

    Let's see it on your finger! :)

  8. Wow! Very beautiful. Happy Anniversary!