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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Want It Wednesday see the end of this deployment!

I know this has been a great week since we've hit 8 months now. However, this deployment seems to have been really getting to me this week. I don't really know why, but it has. I feel like the end is still so far away. A has been incredibly wonderful and positive. I am so glad that he continues to be doing well. But I can't get over the fact that although we've made it through 8 months...we still have about 4 (ish) to go. I know, it's not like this is a shock considering I knew this was a year long deployment. It's just gotten tougher this week. I'm sure once I start classes again in a week and a half for the fall semester I will not even have enough time to realize how much time is left until this deployment comes to an end. But for right now...I JUST WANT HIM HOME!!! Is that so much to ask for? (Actually...yes, it kind of is!) I know. He's doing his job and the US Army owns him. But I'm ready for this year to hurry up and finish. Fortunately I'll be super busy again soon. For right now though, I am so proud of A for all he has done, is doing right now, and will be doing in the next few months. He is so wonderful and amazing. I could not ask to have a better guy in my life! :-) I love you babe!


  1. Definitely once classes start you will be able to not concentrate as much on missing him and more on school. Sometimes you just have those weeks but hopefully time will fly! =)

  2. My first deployment I was in school and it went by so fast. This one coming up is 2 months longer and instead of school...I have a 1 year old to keep me busy. But I'm still not looking forward to it. Stay positive though and think of it I just did 8 months..only 4 months left?? It will fly by!

  3. It's hard to concentrate no matter what you do.
    Just keep busy and sounds like your doing a good job!

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