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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amazing Boyfriend! :-)

I, by far, have the most wonderful boyfriend ever. He's thousands of miles away but he still thinks about me all the time and finds ways to spoil me. Although this shirt is incredibly cheesy I absolutely love it. I have a Boston Terrier puppy, as you have all seen, and we always joke that she is a Boston Terror. I love her to death but she drives us all up the wall sometimes (well...most of the time). So this shirt is just perfect. And the little note that came with the shirt in the mail was super sweet as well (I won't share because I don't want A to get too embarassed :-) ). A is just all around great! He always makes me smile. Enough bragging about my great boyfriend...even though I don't think that I could ever really get sick of it. It's now time for me to go get snuggly in my new shirt from A and get some sleep. Good night all!


  1. That's too cute! I love that shirt. Glad that A sent you such a wonderful gift!

    Thanks for the reminder that I'm not the only "just" a girlfriend out there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow's meeting is a breeze. :)

  2. Haha, too cute! My parents had a Yorkshire Terrier that we called a Yorkshire Terrorist. I guess terriers are just extra spunky! :)

  3. Aww!! How sweet :) I love those little in-house jokes.

  4. Hi! I just found you.

    Love the shirt. It really is the little things that will keep you going during a deployment. Best wishes!