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Monday, February 8, 2010

HH6...For All You Military Spouses

I recently received this from my mom, a former military wife, in an email. I thought all you military wives would enjoy this. It's too cute...and true! So, enjoy and pass it on if you'd like.

What is a Household 6?

A military man's wife. The head of the household. The one that keeps up with the arduous tasks of washing uniforms, picking up smelly PTs, going to the commissary and PX, raising the children, packaging care get the drift! A HH6 is the one in charge of everything!

The name is derived from where said wife spends most of her time (the household), and the number 6 is the designation for a commander of a Company/Troop, Battalion/Squadron, Brigade/Regiment, Division or Corps.

Used in a sentence- "I'd really love to go with you on the hunting trip, but household 6 pulled my weekend pass."


  1. Ha! Ha!
    Yes! so true...
    My hubby says that we(the spouse) have the hardest job.
    he's so right.

  2. Ha I saw this the other day and I LOVE it!

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  4. I'm surprised that my oh so politically correct daughter stuck with the stereotype. I'm sure your T and S would expect you to call it "Military Spouse". After all, he did make them change the name of the Officers' Wives Club and let him join! I'm also not sure if the definition would hold for anyone other than Army, but it's cute all the same!