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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I went to a presentation tonight given by the county police on gangs. I actually am going to be doing two projects this semester on gangs.

What do you think? Are there gangs where you live?


  1. I don't believe there are any gangs where I live. My boyfriend is from LA and lived in DC before moving to where I am. He said in DC that there was tons of gangs and a lot of crime.

  2. Oddly enough, yes, I think there are. I'm not sure, but I know that there are a lot of rich teenagers (white and Asian especially) around here, and for some ridiculous reason, they seem to be the source of a good portion of my store's theft.

    I know drugs are pretty widely used in the community (again, bored rich kids), so I wouldn't be shocked if gangs are too.

  3. Yeah, I live outside a pretty big city so there are definitely gangs where I live. It's actually a big problem in a lot of the high schools around here.

  4. There probably are gangs here...
    but mostly just ALOT of Scarey-As* people!!

  5. Sounds like an interesting topic for a gang. I live pretty much in the middle of a bunch of cornfields. I don't think their are any "real" gangs here. Maybe a couple of groups of punks that think they are but there isn't too much crime/violence here.

  6. Omg please dont tell me where they are here i will be scared to go out!

  7. Matt can give you lots of info on gangs as he has been having to research some of that for work-interesting and scary!