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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines...With Many Tears

It has been an incredibly long day with many good parts but also many tears. I received an absolutely gorgeous bouquet of a dozen beautiful purple roses on Friday. A knows me so well considering purple is my favorite color. And also with these roses was an adorable purple bear. He's so wonderful to me and spoils me so much even when he's over 6000 miles away! I LOVE YOU! are probably asking, "Why the tears?" Although A was wonderful and it was great that I got to talk to him for a while yesterday on webcam, he informed me that he would be traveling today. I knew that he would be just fine but it is still nerve racking nonetheless. Every week at church we always make a point to pray for the military. But this week, that part just got skipped over. So there I was for the last 20 minutes of church crying. I know...ridiculous, but it was just not a good day for that. All I could think about was the fact that it's Valentines Day and all of our troops are away from their loved ones, A is traveling today, and there's so much going on in Afghanistan right now and you choose THIS week not to pray for them. Anyway...enough about that. I've gotten over it at this point I guess...but am glad I can get it out here as well.
Tonight I went to dinner with one of my good friends and her sister-in-law and then went to see the movie Valentines Day. It was an adorable movie and I definitely recommend going to see it. But then at the end I was in tears because of how it ends for the little boy (I don't want to give it away...but I promise if you see it, it's not really sad just sweet and you'll understand if you watch it why it might make me tear up!) :-)
Although there were many tears today and different parts of the day, it was a great day. After church this morning I got to enjoy the company of many other military family members, including Expat Girl. It was great to see her again since we've been getting so much snow. There was some great food, since it was a brunch, great company, and we all got a lot done for putting together packages for our troops! I absolutely love putting together packages for them because I know that receiving mail puts a smile on their faces. YAY!
I hope that you all had a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones and for those of you who are apart that you are doing well and have recently heard from your loved ones!


  1. What a wonderful present from A! I love those roses, they're so pretty!

    I can understand your tears, I've definitely cried more in the past week than I have in the past several weeks. I'm missing P SO much. We haven't talked since our video chat on Monday, and although I have no reason to worry, I am of course worried. Hopefully he was just waiting for me to have a day off (tomorrow) so we can sit down for a long chat!

    Thinking of you, and I hope you have a great week! :)

  2. The little boy part of the film made me cry too!!

  3. The flowers are beautiful. I love purple roses. It's very hard spending holidays without our loved ones so I can understand the tears.

  4. Oh this post...gripped my heart. I remember this all to well!
    I bet these roses meant the world to you and the church praying for the got skipped? That would have broke my heart as well...these things mean the most when your loved one is sooo far away...I felt so fragile (emotionally)...when a stranger would come up and say to me.."Thank your husband for me and his service..." that sweet-kind comment would send me into tears! I was an emotional wreck..I never lead him on I was an emotional wreck while he was gone...
    I feel for you sweetie. I'm welling up writing this..xoxoxoxoox

  5. Yes, the little boy at the end part touched me too and I too was in tears. It just makes me miss my fiance' so much. He's in Afghanistan as well. We both had very similar Valentine's Days. I hope you get to spend it with your Valentine very soon : )