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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl and A

I spoke to A a little bit earlier on facebook before the Super Bowl began. He was going to be able to watch the game and they were going to get 2 beers each. WOOHOO. HAHA. Oh the little things in life.

I asked him to smile and this is what I get! :-)

I ended up joining my parents to watch the game at one of my dad's organization's building. Good food, good company, multiple tvs, and beer...what more could you ask for. So I ended up having 2 beers as well...figured, why not? A got 2 beers, I might as well too. When I got home from the game I received a phone call from A. The connection was horrible so we got on webcam and talked for almost an hour. After a while though I had to convince him to get off the comp so that he could get some sleep (It was 7 am his time...OOPS!). So here I am now getting ready to go to bed myself but I wanted to touch base with the blogging world. It's been a great weekend with some more snow in VA. Unfortunately lots of things have been canceled the past 2 weekends because of all of this snow, but that's alright. I've enjoyed hanging out and just getting stuff done around here.


  1. I talked to P this morning for about 10 minutes before I had to head to work. He was also excited about the two beers, and I was happy for him. I was surprised they could serve them beer, but I know he was missing it.

    I missed the whole game thanks to work, but I am enjoying a nice glass of wine. Hope you enjoyed the game!

  2. How great that you guys both got to talk AND have a fun, relaxing evening, even if not together. I know I always feel better knowing he's happy, even if I'm not around!

  3. I love how they do that, two beers! :)